Tonight, the start of the final chapter of Harry and Meghan as senior Royals

The stage is set for Harry and Meghan's return tonight - the first time the couple have been back in the UK together since announcing their sudden departure in January.

Meghan is flying in from Canada to meet Harry for a final five days of engagements before they leave their old lives behind for good.

Their official "exit date" is 31 March but when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex fly out of London on Monday - after attending the big Commonwealth Day service with the Queen and other senior Royals - they are not expected to be back.

The Sussexes with the rest of the Royal family attending the Commonwealth Day service in 2019. Credit: PA

From April 1, they will enter the 12-month transition period with Buckingham Palace.

At that point they will no longer be official working members of the Royal Family, they will no longer receive any public funds - other than for their police protection officers - and they will be free to seek earnings from whatever source they wish.

It is what Harry and Meghan refer to their new "family life" as opposed to their current royal roles in which they considered the "press intrusion" unwarranted.

The Sussexes will attend their final fives days of engagements without son Archie. Credit: PA

They will begin that new life in Canada, but the couple have expressed a wish to spend the majority of their time in "North America" which would include spells in the United States as well.

Meghan is not bringing their son Archie with her to next week's engagements. He will remain at the couple's temporary home on Vancouver Island on Canada's Pacific coast.

So the couple will for the last few times, step out tonight in front of the inevitable bank of cameras and flash bulbs as they arrive in the City of London for the Endeavour Fund Awards.

The Duchess of Sussex at the Endeavour Fund Awards in 2018. Credit: PA

This is the third time Meghan has attended this event - which honours the achievements of injured military veterans.

The first time she came here was in 2018, shortly after the couple announced they were getting engaged.

She was back last year as the Duchess of Sussex, after their wedding.

And tonight she will come for the final time as a senior member of the Royal Family.

The couple attended the Endeavour Fund Awards in February 2019, when Meghan was pregnant with baby Archie. Credit: PA

If they come back next year, it will be in their new private capacity to support an award scheme that is very close to Prince Harry's heart.

Tomorrow, Prince Harry will be at Silverstone race track meeting Lewis Hamilton.

The Sussexes will then be at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.

And Meghan is attending an event - yet to be announced - on Sunday to mark International Women's Day.

The couple will attend the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. Credit: PA

The finale, for this "farewell tour" happens on Monday when the Sussexes will join the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince William and Kate at Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day service.

All the senior Royals will be on best behaviour, knowing that the body language between them will be closely scrutinised.

The last time the senior Family members all met in the same place was at the big meeting on the Sandringham Estate to thrash out the terms of Harry and Meghan's surprise departure.

The award scheme is something very close to Prince Harry's heart. Credit: PA

Their decision to leave has sparked many a debate and heated discussion about who and what was to blame for it.

And this won't be the last time we will see the Sussexes, who want to continue doing both charity work and supporting various causes.

But it's the first page of the final chapter of Harry and Meghan's life inside the Royal Family.