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Coronavirus: What You Need To Know - Tonight

Britain’s first death linked to coronavirus was felt on Thursday 5th March - are we now on the verge of a mass epidemic?

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain will cope, and medics say we shouldn't panic, some people are preparing for the worst.

Will rising cases hit jobs and the economy? And what do we need to know?

The Tonight programme spoke to Martin Lewis in regards to the government's plan for sick pay.

Now if you work in the gig economy or you are freelance, or you are self employed, there isn't any sick pay and that’s going to be difficult. If this thing does go towards worst case scenario we are going to have to protect people financially too, so that they can afford to help protect others.

– Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

If people have to self isolate it’s up to their employers if they get paid.

The Government is planning to make sure that if it’s done on medical advice, people will be entitled to statutory sick pay from the very first day you are sick.

The current rate is £94.25 per week, for those that qualify.

Meanwhile there’s also concern about the potential for the virus to spread in large crowds.

The government is still deciding whether big events might have to be banned in future. Other organisations are already taking action.

England’s Six Nations Rugby match against Italy has now been postponed.

The Producers of James Bond have delayed the opening of their new film until November - and there are questions over the London marathon.

But the Cheltenham Festival - which normally attracts tens of thousands of horse racing fans - is due to go ahead this week.

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