How do you fancy owning an original and signed Picasso for just €100?

An original Picasso worth millions of dollars could be yours for just €100 (£87).

The lucky winner of a raffle will become the new owner of Pablo Picasso's signed oil painting - "Nature Morte" - French for still life.

The painting - estimated to be worth between between £1.54 and £2.3 million - is currently owned by a billionaire art collector from Monaco.

It is on display at the Picasso museum in Paris and for the price of a €100 (£87) raffle ticket, it could be yours.

The signed oil painting is on display at the Picasso museum in Paris. Credit: AP

The money raised from the raffle, set for the end of March, will go to Care, a charity aimed at bringing clean water to communities in Africa.

Organisers Péri Cochin, a television producer, and Arabelle Reille, an art historian, aim to sell 200,000 tickets, raising €20 million (£17.5 million) for the charity.

Care, a non-governmental organisation, which will use the money to provide clean water, toilets and washing facilities for 200,000 people in three African countries: Cameroon, Morocco and Madagascar.

Speaking about the painting, Ms Cochin said: "Picasso is the most famous artist ever, everywhere where you go in the world, you go to the far east to the west coast, anywhere you go everyone knows who Picasso is.

"Even if you don't know the work of Picasso, into details, you know who Picasso is... you have heard about Picasso," Ms Cochin said.

Organiser Péri Cochin said she hopes to sell 200,000 tickets, raising 20 million euros for the chairty. Credit: AP

Eric Christensen, a teacher from New York, said he already owns a few of Picasso's drawings, but would love to own an original.

"I do have a couple of his sketches on my wall at home.

"This is an original painting, although it is not my favourite it is still an original piece by him," he said.

The painting belongs to David Nahmad, who owns 300 other works by Picasso and claims to be the world's biggest private collector of Picasso art works.

Art collector David Nahmad sold the painting for €1 million (£770,000). Credit: AP

He loans his Picassos to galleries and museums from around the globe, but when they are not on display they are kept in the Geneva freeport, which is a Swiss storage facility for valuable art works and other collectables.

"Everybody loves to show that their painting was in the studio of Picasso.

"It is a sign of not authenticity, but a sign that Picasso liked that painting that he kept it in his studio," Mr Nahmad said.

He said he hopes the winner of "Nature Morte" will be someone who appreciates it, if not he would be very unhappy and would want to buy it back.

People can buy tickets for the raffle for the rest of the month.