Who will the Budget help?

ITV News is in Leigh, Greater Manchester to track how the budget affects people here.

This was a Labour stronghold for almost 100 years, until the Tories took it in 2019.

As he decided what’s in his budget, places like this will certainly have been in Rishi Sunak’s thoughts.

All eyes will be on whether he can deliver on the promises made to areas like this - or whether they will only end up being temporary Tories.

Sue Cottam owns a jewellery shop and is looking for help coping with the commercial impact of coronavirus.

Sue Cottam wants help dealing with the coronavirus.

Steve Hill runs a local factory - with the hard-hit aviation industry among its customers.

He is looking for long term backing for U.K. business as we leave the EU transition period.

Steve Hill runs a local factory.

Caeryn Collins is a parent of three and helps out at a local food bank. She wants to see real “levelling up” for places like Leigh.

Caeryn Collins helps at a local food bank.

Georgina Ward is a final year student with an eye on the local property market - will homes be truly “affordable"?

She would like uni fees reduced and is against any extension of the length of time you have to pay back student debt.

She is hoping to buy a house in next couple of years so would like to see something in the budget to help first time buyers.

Georgina Ward is a student.

Allen Wright has recently retired and he wants to see well focused investment in public transport.

Allen Wright is a pensioner.

Victoria Price has joined us from accountancy firm Ernst and Young to help interpret the numbers in this budget.

Victoria Price is from an accountancy firm.