Does the Government's plan to 'delay' coronavirus spread go far enough?

  • Video report by ITV News Health Correspondent Emily Morgan

As Boris Johnson announced the UK would move from the "contain" to "delay" phase to slow the spread of coronavirus, critics have questioned whether the move comes too late - or if enough is being done.

Health officials warned up to 10,000 people in the UK could already have Covid-19, and the prime minister announced that anyone displaying symptoms should self-isolate in their homes for a week.

Toilet paper and other supplies are in low supply as people begin stockpiling. Credit: PA

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Many have questioned why the UK isn't taking more drastic measures like Italy, which has left popular landmarks eerily quiet as the whole country has been put on lockdown and tourists have gone home.

All shops except for pharmacies and food stores are now closed, as well as schools and social venues.

Boris Johnson announced anyone displaying symptoms should self-isolate in their homes for a week and avoid contact with others. Credit: PA

In Denmark schools, libraries and leisure facilities are shut and most public servants have been ordered to stay at home.

Schools are also closed in Spain and football matches suspended.

It's a different story here in London. Trafalgar Square is as busy as ever and critics are asking why?

Norway is another country where schools and universities are shut. The government has also told workers to stay a meter away from each other.

When it comes to dealing with this pandemic, the UK appears to be increasingly alone.