Clive Tyldesley's kitchen commentary on wife's lasagne provides light relief amid coronavirus outbreak

Sports commentator Clive Tyldesley has found himself with a lot of time on his hands after the football season was postponed, amid the coronavirus outbreak, but he is staying "match fit and ready".

The veteran football broadcaster has replaced the press box with the kitchen stove and his microphone for a bottle of red, as he provides live coverage on supper preparation at the Tyldesley household, instead of the usual game.

All games in Premier League, England Football League, Women's Super League and Football Association of Wales are suspended until April to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And that means Tyldesley is without a job for a month, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and continue the commentary.

But instead of a football game, his wife's lasagne is the evening's fixture.

Donning an apron, the 65-year-old talks the audience through the "absolutely essential" first step - washing your hands thoroughly.

"Here's the's pepper...salt...oooh garlic...tomato puree!!" Tyldesley exclaims in his recognisable Lancashire drawl.

Next up are the vegetables but Tyldesley turns towards the onions and asks "I'm hearing many onions are there in there?"

To which his wife, Susan, replies "no we need them all!" and Tyldesley responds "check complete, carry on".

As his wife pours in a hefty amount of red wine, Tyldesley cries out "ohhh what a waste, what a waste!"

"And there it is...ohhh result," Tyldesley exclaims as the lasagne emerges from the oven.

But he ends the video on a more serious note, saying he has checked on his elderly neighbours and urges viewers to do the same, telling them to "stay safe".