Dyson tells ITV News about plans to build ventilators to combat coronavirus crisis

  • Words by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

Dyson, the vacuum cleaner and hand drier manufacturer, have confirmed to ITV News their plan to help with the coronavirus outbreak by developing a ventilator for the NHS.

The plan which is already “scaling up” will follow regulated medical device development which it’s understood is likely to include testing prototypes on pigs lungs and using components from their vacuums.

The company, owned by billionaire Sir James Dyson, say they have "responded to the Government’s request for support with its Covid-19 response, by focusing resources into the design and manufacture of a ventilator for the NHS".

A senior source within the company told us that they are hoping to make circa 5,000 ventilators at their Hullavington plant in Wiltshire. The source says they hope to set up a production line and use parts shipped from overseas.

The company say the project is being “undertaken in an extremely challenging time frame. We have deployed expertise in air movement, motors, power systems, manufacturing and supply chain and are working with medical technology and development company, TTP – The Technology Partnership, based in Cambridge.

"Together we have been working around the clock and through the past two weekends to develop a meaningful and timely response. We are conducting a full regulated medical device development, including testing in the laboratory and in humans, and we are scaling up for volume."

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