London's landmarks were deserted on Monday night following Boris Johnson's announcement of a UK-wide lockdown.

The prime minister ordered a three-week lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Here are some of the most striking images from around the capital.

The Houses of Parliament lit up after the UK announced a lockdown.
Picadilly Circus had nowhere near its usual amount of traffic follow Mr Johnson's announcement.
Tower Bridge had just a few cars on it on Monday night.
Trafalgar Square was empty following the prime minister's statement.
Wembley Stadium was lit up in the signature blue of the NHS colours with a message thanking staff.
London's bustling Covent Garden was empty, although lights were left on.
St Paul's Cathedral - which did not close during World War II - has been forced to shut its doors.
Londons's main shopping hub, Oxford Circus, was empty on Monday night.
BT Tower was lit up with a message urging Londoners to 'stay at home'.
London's Euston station was empty on Monday night.
There were a few cars around Trafalgar Square, but the roads were relatively empty.
Canary Wharf, London's financial district hub, on Monday evening.
The London Eye lit up purple with the House of Commons in the background.
London's landmarks paid tribute to the NHS on Monday.