Coronavirus: How self-isolation is affecting people across the world

  • Video report by ITV News International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar

ITV News has spoken to four people in some of the hardest coronavirus-hit places across the world on how isolation has affected them amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Those who have been living through a total lockdown have told International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar of their experiences and what they would advise UK residents to expect.

It comes as Boris Johnson has urged people to stay at home in the UK and historically briefed the nation of the new coronavirus lockdown rules.

From staying positive to not stockpiling and maintaining hygiene standards, many have tried best to cope during a lockdown over coronavirus.

'There is light at the end of the tunnel' says British headteacher who's living in Milan

A British headteacher, who has been living in Italy, has said "it's not all doom and gloom".

Iain Sachdev said the excitement from his work has helped him to get through the lockdown.

"I actually found from my own situation, mainly thanks to my work, working as a Headteacher at a school that it generated a lot of almost excitement in the first week and a lot of adrenaline about new things we could do and new things we could achieve," he said.

He added: "We're now in week five, where I am in Milan and the well-being issues start to take their toll a little bit."

'We have what we need', teacher in Spain tells of how she has been coping in isolation

International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar on a video call with people who are in a lockdown across the world. Credit: ITV News

A teacher, who lives in Valencia in Spain - the country which saw it's coronavirus-related death toll surpass Italy, told ITV News that despite being in lockdown she can continue with her life.

Alba Doanire said: "The students are having online lessons so that has been really easy and really helpful.

"My partner also is a teacher, so he also has a chance to do that.

"We can continue our lives, we have food, we have what we need and we can continue working."

  • 'People get used to wearing masks all the time': president of Hong Kong's public doctor's association says

Meanwhile the president of Hong Kong's Public Doctor's Association, which represents public hospital staff, said lessons of cleanliness can be learned in the UK.

Arisina Ma told ITV News: "People get used to wearing masks all the time no matter whether you are a normal citizen or a healthcare worker, everywhere on the street, we can see someone wearing a mask."

She added: "Even someone wearing the respiratory mask so I think for me the most important thing is the hand-washing and the surgical mask because Hong Kong is such a crowded place."

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