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'Just please don't go outside': Frightened wife's plea as fit husband is taken into emergency treatment

A mother worried her husband would not wake up from his coronavirus treatment has begged the public “just please don’t go outside”.

In what she described the “worst week of her life”, Catherine Brown’s otherwise fit and healthy husband Damion, 38, has been moved to an Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU).

Doctors found more shadows on his lungs in an X-Ray, meaning his condition has worsened, she said.

Catherine was then told over the phone they may need to put Damion to sleep so he could have a breathing tube fitted.

People were out over the weekend despite Government advice - and Catherine Brown has urged everyone to put a stop to this. Credit: PA

“I just want everybody to pray and just please send positive healing our way because this is horrible, I can’t even go and visit him and he’s scared,” Catherine said in a video she posted online.

“This is the worst week of my life. I’m just so scared in case they just put him to sleep and that’s it.

“Just please stop going outside, don’t give this to someone else. I don’t know how to keep it together for my children anymore.

“I don’t know why it’s not sinking in with people. Somebody gave this to him or to us or to me… and they might have just given it to other people and that’s really scary.”

Before Boris Johnson announced a lockdown on Monday night, people were pictured in public and even in crowds over the weekend, despite Government advice to stay clear of others.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told ITV News such behaviour is “selfish” and could cost lives.

Recording a video from the hospital ward, Damion urged people to “take it seriously” and to “think of their families”.

“Did I expect this to be happening to me? No, I didn’t,” he said.

“I’m trying to get stronger, I’m doing everything they tell me because I want to get home to my family like everyone else.

“And I see all this s*** on the news… panic-buying… bunch of selfish p*****. This isn’t the time to be selfish this is a time for people coming together and helping each other

“And I know when I get out of here – and I will get out of here – I fully intend to help people when needed.”

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