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The funny, cute, and remarkable reactions from around the globe to life on lockdown

A selection of the stories to make you smile in the middle of a global pandemic. Credit: Instagram/Elisha Nochomovitz/Zoos Victoria/Facebook/Jo Charlton

With millions on lockdown around the world as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we all need a little something to keep us smiling.

Here's a selection of some of the cute, funny, and remarkable reactions people around the globe have had to some of the measures brought in.

  • One little girl sums up how we're all feeling about the closure of our favourite restaurants and takeaways

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This mum breaking the news to her daughter that some of her favourite food outlets are closing as part of the social distancing efforts is something to behold.

Young Layla doesn't hold back in letting known her heartbreak at the news McDonald's, Nando's and KFC - among others - are to be shut.

The little girl looks for some solace and asks her mum: "Are Chinese closed too?".

Mum Jo Charlton confirms, "Chinese is closed too".

What's worse - Layla then realises all of her favourite food choices are also closed for delivery too.

  • Livestream footage from an Australian zoo captures a zookeeper's dance performance

Video credit: Zoos Victoria

A Melbourne zoo had intended to keep visitors entertained - while in isolation at home - with livestreams from its animal enclosures.

Lucky viewers were instead treated to a Diva-like performance by Zoo Victoria keeper, Adam, who entertained viewers with a spontaneous dance number.

The action in the giraffe enclosure in the background paled in comparison to the zookeeper's routine.

Adam's performance became a hit after Zoo Victoria shared the footage on Facebook with the caption: "Hang on, we thought this was meant to be #AnimalsAtHome?"

  • A runner in France completes an entire marathon on his balcony

Video credit: Elisha Nochomovitz

One fitness fanatic in Toulouse hasn't let the lockdown in France stop him from keeping active.

Seasoned marathon runner Elisha Nochomovitz embarked on an estimated 6,000 laps around his balcony - all seven metres of it - running a total of 42.2km (26 miles).

The 32-year-old completed the challenge in six hours and 48 minutes.

He wrote on Instagram: "I had the opportunity to go out to run around the house, but if everyone thinks the same we would have been out there."

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  • The workout videos to keep you motivated while staying at home

You don't have to be a marathon runner to keep fit and healthy during the strengthened stay-at-home measures - and there are plenty of inspiring workout videos to keep you moving.

Retired Welsh international footballer Cliff Jones posted a video on Twitter with his top tips for keeping fit while social distancing.

The former Swansea and Tottenham player said "I don't overdo it" and added by the end of the workout "I usually just chuck them [the weights] down like that".

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And it's not only ex-professionals sharing their workout tips, 79-year-old Shirley Stone is sharing her home exercise videos to encourage others stuck at home to keep fit.

  • Kevin Bacon uses Six Degrees fame to explain importance of social distancing and isolation

Actor Kevin Bacon has used the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game to explain the important of "staying home" during the coronavirus outbreak.

The game - based on the six degrees of separation concept - challenges film fans to find the shortest path between prolific Hollywood star Kevin Bacon, and another actor in the industry.

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Acknowledging the premise of the game, in a video posted on Twitter, Kevin Bacon says: "Hi folks. You know me, right?

"I'm technically only six degrees away from you".

The actor goes on to explain who he's staying home for - who he is protecting - and encourages viewers to post on social media explaining who they are staying home for.