Iran's medics fall victim to coronavirus as Government transparency comes under fire

A horrifying proportion of Iranian medical professionals fighting the coronavirus have made the ultimate sacrifice.

ITV News has spoken to a GP who’s been volunteering in the emergency room and believes the toll on his profession isn’t being reported.

He and other medics monitoring casualties believe almost 1,000 healthcare workers have now been infected, with almost 80 dead.

The doctor says that of the 3,000 staff at his hospital, just 700 get to wear protective clothing each day.

This is a lethal shortfall and to illustrate the point our GP sent us video of two doctor colleagues speaking about coronavirus just before it took their lives.

Medics are working around the clock.

Dr Shirin Rouhani Rad is pictured at work with a saline drip attached to her arm.

She said she had to turn up because there was no-one to replace her.

She died last week.

In the second video Dr Mahdi Viriji addresses the camera and outlines his condition and the treatment he’s been receiving.

He urges everyone who sees the video “to be careful and stay healthy.”

He passed away at the weekend.

This medic says she has not seen her children in three weeks.

The doctor we spoke to says US sanctions are largely to blame for the shortages of protective gear and medicines.

Without presenting any evidence, Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khamenei has suggested the US created a special virus to attack his country.

The more likely explanation for Iran’s plight is its failure to act earlier.

The cancellation of flights to and from China has only just happened.

Officially, none of the most affected Iranian cities has been quarantined.

The economic situation is so dire the government can’t afford quarantine.

But Iran is paying a heavy price for the policy adopted by the leadership.

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