From care home TikTok dances to extreme social distancing, the lighter side of life under coronavirus lockdown

As we all get used to life on coronavirus lockdown, people are coming up with increasingly original ideas to stay safe and entertained as well as keeping minds and bodies sharp.

Here's a rundown of some of our favourite ways people are finding to keep themselves and others happy and healthy.

  • Care home residents take on the TikTok challenge

TikTok dance challenges have been a hit with the kids for a while, but during lockdown they have been helping keep multiple generations fit and active.

While children have been encouraging their parents to take on TikTok dance challenges, these residents currently in self-isolation at a care home in Kettering show that age is no barrier to TikTokking.

  • Pub quiz in your living room

Jay's Thursday night virtual quiz was a big hit. Credit: FAc

Missing your weekly pub quiz? While pubs were ordered to close last Friday, several pubs and breweries have started up virtual weekly quizzes so punters can still engage in a bit of trivia fun from their living room.

One 'Virtual Pub Quiz', hosted by former bar manager Jay Flynn, gained nearly 400,000 followers on Facebook within a day after starting out as "a laugh between friends".

Last Thursday night, 188,000 people joined in the quiz via Facebook and YouTube, competing solely for glory across five rounds that included pub quiz staples science and nature, history and TV and film.

It was so successful that Jay is planning on make it a weekly event - so charge your glass and sharpen your pencils for next week's round of general knowledge.

  • Rolling out new social distancing measures in the supermarket

As a nation, we were a little slow in getting our heads around social distancing, but it seems we are finally getting the message. But while leaving two metres between yourself and others is the official advice, some people are taking it up a gear.

ITV News Meridian reporter James Dunham posted a video on Twitter earlier this week showing a woman shopping in Morrisons Herne Bay enclosed in a zorbing ball.

The woman was aided by a man who called himself her carer, much to the amazement of fellow shoppers.

  • Pygmy goats get more attention

Lockdown is hard for everyone separated from loved ones. And we're not the only ones missing our friends and family. The pygmy goats at locked down London Zoo have been pining for their usual stream of visitors so much that keepers are now having to give them extra attention.

The goats, who are housed in the children's section of the zoo, have been eagerly waiting at the gate every morning expecting the guests to stream in and lavish them with attention.

As the gates remain shut, the goats are now getting lots of extra scratches from the keepers who are working behind the scenes going while the zoo is closed.

Senior keeper Tara Humphrey said: "We've all been taking it in turns to regularly visit the zoo's pygmy goats at our children's zoo, Animal Adventure, to give them some extra attention.

  • German baker makes loo roll cakes

Cake in the shape of toilet roll has become a best seller for one baker in Germany. Credit: AP

It is not just in the UK where toilet roll has become a much prized item.

Other parts of Europe have also seen a stampede for loo roll. In response to the toilet paper frenzy brought on by the coronavirus outbreak, a bakery in Dortmund, Germany have started making round marble cakes wrapped in fondant that look like toilet paper rolls.

Like the essential it is modelled on, the special cake has became a local bestseller.

  • 'Keep one Stephen Merchant between each other'

Comedian Stephen Merchant delivered a public service while on his one government-sanctioned daily form of exercise with some simple social distancing guidelines.

"Try and keep at least one Stephen Merchant between you and other people and you’ll be able to stay healthy and stay safe," was his advice, even measuring himself out on the pavement as a handy visual aid.

In an Instagram video, the star said: "I'm noticing that a lot of people aren’t keeping the mandated two metres distance between me, or themselves and other pedestrian.

"I think it’s because a lot of people don’t realise how far two metres is."

"I’m about two metres in height," he said before lying down on the pavement with his head nearly in the gutter and his feet on the wall.

  • Toddler assault course - not just for kids

Former World Cup alpine ski racer Chemmy Alcott shared the ultimate self-isolating home-made toddler obstacle course in video on Twitter.

The seven-time FIS World Champion wrote on Twitter: "Testing out the #stayathome assault course for my toddler tomorrow. Hopefully he is better at it than me! #toddleractivity."

She later gave an update how Locki got on.

"For those who followed my attempt at the assault course, as promised here is our toddler shredding it up! @RightToPlay_UK #toddlerassaultcourse"