Vulnerable 'fear starvation' in coronavirus crisis, writes Chris Choi

It is one of the most basic questions of this coronavirus crisis, yet still the Government has not come up with an answer.

How will the vulnerable who lack support get food?

There have been promises of help and a big push by retailers to expand delivery slots - but many of the most vulnerable are still not getting help.

Further to this, ITV News has now discovered the Government has so far failed to pass on vital data that could help the retailers.

Supermarket bosses have advised healthy people to shop in store if safe to do so to free up delivery slots. Credit: PA

The supermarkets' online systems for booking deliveries have been overwhelmed.

Normally only around 7 per cent of UK shoppers opt for online grocery services.

Now demand is many times higher than that and getting a delivery slot is proving impossible for many.

Before the lockdown vulnerable shoppers faced empty shelves as some people stockpiled goods. Credit: PA

Although some councils and volunteers started delivering food parcels today, there is still no UK wide system to ensure the most vulnerable get even the basics.

The Government has a list of about 1.5 million vulnerable people - vital data that could help retailers prioritise customers in most need.

But ITV News has learned that list has still not been shared with major supermarkets.

Sharon Cater has MS and must stay isolated at home for 12 weeks. Credit: ITV News

Today I spoke to one woman, Sharon Chater.

She has multiple sclerosis, she must now remain in her home for three months.

Despite her problems she has been unable to get help from any supermarket, council or charity so far.

She is running out of food and told me she fears starvation.

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