The good news stories keeping us all going through the coronavirus lockdown

Take a look at our selection of the wonderful, heartwarming, and hilarious ways in which people have been responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Looking out for your neighbours during lockdown measures

Comedian and writer Nick Doody posted a heartwarming photograph from his street after he and his neighbours got together for a "cuppa and chat".

Posting on Twitter, Mr Doody said everyone had gathered together - at a safe social distance - after one neighbour "was struggling with loneliness".

  • Looking out for your neighbours - on an international scale

Switzerland has taken looking out for your neighbour to an international level, showing support for Italy by lighting up the side of a mountain in the Alps.

Authorities beamed up a light show onto the Matterhorn throughout the week with messages about the coronavirus outbreak including "hope" and "stay at home".

On Saturday night, the colours of the Italian flag decorated the mountain top, which lies on the border between the two countries.

The tourism board of Zermatt - a village at the bottom of the Mattherhorn - said: "Italy, the country in Europe most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and located just behind the Matterhorn, says #grazie.

"Thanks to the people in Italy who are currently on the front line and are committed to fighting the emergency: the doctors, the medical staff, the volunteers, the police, the fire brigade and everyone else who is protecting and saving lives".

  • Finding entertainment in the most mundane of things

Marathon runner Hayley Carruthers has found entertainment in the most unlikely of household items - old food containers.

The London Marathon competitor got outdoors in the spring sunshine and played with perspective to hop inside a peanut butter tub and shimmy into a Pringles pack.

  • Getting inventive with your daily fitness regime

One rugby player has had to be resourceful to keep on top of his training regime, despite the current lockdown measures.

Wales and Bristol Bears player Daniel Thomas has posted updates from his makeshift gym in Carmarthen - his parents' farm.

The flanker used a rather bemused looking calf to work on his squats - it is after all, important to keep moo-ving.

  • When lockdown inspires you to try out new things - like baking

The lockdown measures have prompted some people to get creative in the kitchen - trying out new skills like baking.

The culinary catastrophe that takes the biscuit this weekend goes to former MP Heidi Allen.

Alongside a photo of her blackened baked goods, Ms Allen conceded: "Perhaps baking isn't for me".

She later had to qualify: "For the avoidance of doubt - they're ginger nuts."

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