Australian arrivals' anger over conditions in hotel quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak

Travellers who are in quarantine in hotels across Sydney amid the coronavirus pandemic have said they are anxious about access to fresh air and receiving fresh meals.

It comes after around 3,000 international passengers at Sydney airport were greeted by police at the terminal on Sunday before they were checked for fever and escorted to hotels across the city.

The travellers are now expected to remain in isolation for 14 days after Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced all international arrivals must self-quarantine from Saturday.

Despite the £72 hotel room service tab, some have expressed concern about the lack of fresh air, cleanliness of rooms and the quality of the meals.

Among the complaints was one mother sharing a photo of a "self-care isolation pack" containing toiletries, teabags and tissues which she said "doesn't really help feed my toddler".

A woman from Melbourne, who's 38-years-old and is among the arrivals quarantined at the Hyatt Regency after flying into Sydney from London on Sunday morning said she could not get any fresh air.

She told The Sunday Morning Herald that while the hotel is "a fancy address and very central" with a "grandiose entrance", her room was actually "very dusty and the window is sealed so [there is] no chance of fresh air".

She also said the meals were limited, expensive and there was a lack of healthy options.

She added: "Obviously healthy food is crucial for preventing illness and recovering quickly from any potential infections, so lack of fresh fruit and veg and lack of variety are concerning."

Meanwhile Australian model Lara Worthington shared pictures on social media of where her mother was staying for her 14-day quarantine.

Cruise ship passenger Amber Hammond, who is staying at the luxury Swissotel Hotel in the Sydney CBD told SBS News the conditions inside were "abysmal", and she and fellow passengers were being treated like criminals.

"We are not allowed out of our rooms, even with masks and keeping a 1.5 metre distance," she said.

"We are not allowed to open our doors except to get food. We are not allowed to get any fresh air and the windows do not open."

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