Coronavirus Q&A: Tom Daley's lockdown with the stars

As we all get used to spending a lot more time indoors, we will be speaking to a celebrity each week about how they are adapting.

First up is Olympic diver Tom Daley, who talks us through his new daily routine.

What are your lockdown arrangements?

"I am living with my husband, son and mum together."

What is the best thing about lockdown?

"I am going to spend so much time with Robbie, my son, like I never would have imagined I was going to in the build up to an Olympic Games."

What is the worst?

"Not being able to go outside but everyone is in the same boat."

Do you have a new hobby?

"Making a poncho for Robbie, I love knitting, I love it, I could literally do it all day."

What’s your exercise routine?

"I get up in the morning, work out right away, as if you don’t do it first thing in the morning, it’s less likely that it is going to happen later in the day."

Tom Daley likes to knit.

What music keeps you happy?

“I have been listening to a lot of 80s music with my mum round, she loves it. And also a little bit of Reggaeton, randomly, when we eat burritos.

What’s been your most mundane achievement?

“The most mundane achievement was clearing out my man box of all the things I have chucked in and left there for years."

What is your stay at home outfit?

“Today, I am just just wearing a t-shirt and bottoms, don’t worry, but normally it’s workout clothes, as I am normally working out, or pyjamas.”

When did you last shower?

“I am pretty much on the shower train, but I know a lot of people who have not been, let’s just say that."

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