Will the UK adopt coronavirus measures similar to Italy's? Dominic Raab answers ITV viewers' Covid-19 questions

The UK adopting coronavirus measures similar to Italy and protective equipment for paramedics were just some of the questions put to the Foreign Secretary by ITV viewers in the first episode of Coronavirus Q&A.

Earlier on Monday, Dominic Raab carried out the Government's daily briefing and updated the country on measures to bring Britons back from abroad.

Lisa: How much. longer are we going to take to catch up with Italy and shut down all non-essential work?

"The critical thing and all the scientific and medical advice we've had is that the most important thing is to take the right measures at the right time," Mr Raab said.

"The advice we've got is that what will really make a different right now is to not expand the restrictions in place but to make sure everyone is following the letter and the spirit of those guidance.

"The more that happens the more effectively we protect our NHS and save lives."

Lebanm: Why are paramedics not being prioritised when it comes to PPE?

"We are prioritising the frontline NHS staff and in order to expand that as rapidly as possible, we are tapping all the potential sources of supply in the UK and also, as foreign secretary, we are making sure through all our embassies abroad, we have as many of the international sources of PPE supply coming into the UK, precisely so we can roll it out within the NHS and it will also be important in the social care system, as rapidly as we physically can.

"We are prioritising it and we take advice from the NHS on where it should go and in what order of priority.

"Obviously, they are really important, that's why we are straining every sinew to get those supplies, both domestically and international, so that they can be rolled out more broadly."

Adrianne: After NHS staff are tested do we think this would eventually to stretch to testing other key workers who are at risk?

"This was updated first thing this morning, we've had 400 of those tests done for frontline staff within the NHS.

"Then again, as with PPE equipment, we are trying to get as many of those tests supplied through domestic sources, through international sources as possible and then we will roll it out as broadly as we can.

"I think it's absolutely right to note, not just the incredibly important work of those on the frontline of the NHS, in the police but also in the vital supply chains, those in the supermarkets, those in jobs to keep food coming into our supermarkets and into our homes, so they do matter, they are incredibly important too.

David: Why haven't we closed our borders and tested all our arrivals like many other countries?

"There's been a dramatic reduction in flights globally but the medical advice we've had is that this would make no significant difference to the challenge of stopping and reducing the spread of coronavirus.

"Of course, if we barred entry into ports and airports, it would hamper our efforts to get the hundreds of thousands of British national abroad safe and sound.

"One of the things we've done today is announce a package of measures, working with the airlines to make sure we can reach the stranded and potentially vulnerable nationals abroad.

"So we are doing the right thing by the science, while also making sure we can get UK nationals home.

Cathy: Why is Britain not spraying public areas with disinfectants like the are doing in China and South Korea?

"Principally because all the measures we are taking are being guided by the medical advice, the scientific advice and they reflect the advice we've got.

"What matters now, above all else, is that the guidelines - the letter and spirit of the guidelines - about staying home, with subject to the limited objections, are being followed.

"The more people, your viewers included, follow the guidelines, the quicker we get through this with as few lives lost as possible."

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