Prince Charles out of coronavirus self-isolation and in 'good health'

Prince Charles has come out of self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus last week.

The prince, who is staying his at Birkhall home on the Balmoral Estate, is said to be in good health and the decision to end his self-isolation was made by his doctor.

The Duchess of Cornwall, however, is still having to self-isolate as she has yet to show any symptoms of Covid-19.

Government advice states that those with symptoms should isolate for seven dates, while the other members of the household or close family group should isolate for 14 days.

Despite the Prince of Wales’ diagnosis, the 71-year-old is now following the government medical advice and restrictions which apply to everyone else: that they should remain at home apart from a single daily amount of exercise.

Camilla remains in isolation after coming into contact with the prince. Credit: PA

He will also return to having meetings on the phone or online, as he was doing before he tested positive.

Both the prince, who is 71, and Camilla, who is 72, are in the high-risk category.

But it now appears the heir to the throne has been able to avoid developing the most severe symptoms which many other, especially older people, have suffered.

The announcement last week that the Prince and Duchess had been given a test was met with frustration from some medics who complained that frontline doctors and nurses were unable to get them.

Since then, both the Prime Minister and Health Secretary were given tests and recorded a positive diagnosis for Covid-19, despite only showing mild symptoms.

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Last weekend, some NHS staff in England dd start getting tests which would enable those with clear results to return to work to help their hard-pressed colleagues.

The prince last saw his mother, the Queen, on 12 March and doctors don’t think he was contagious at that point.

The Queen, 93, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 98, are both staying at Windsor Castle.