Positive stories raising a smile amid the coronavirus lockdown

Even though the coronavirus crisis is spreading around the world, there have been moments of positivity and light relief to get us through.

From a socially distant dancing street to personal messages left for waste collection crews and even picnic tables for squirrels.

Here are some of the stories raising a smile during these unprecedented times:

Socially distant dancing

Elsa Williams' street has the right idea on how to get through a lockdown – socially distant dancing in the street.

Every day at 11am, a local fitness instructor, Janet Woodcock, leads the boogie for 10 minutes and it seems most of the Cheshire neighbourhood gets involved.

From elderly residents and children, to families and couples, people get out, enjoy the fresh air, do some exercise and most importantly stay two metres apart as they boogie down during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The dancing has been going on for a week and on day seven, it was the turn of twisting to It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones.

Ms Williams said: "It was only meant to be a one-time thing, but it lifted people round here up a bit and they wanted more.

"We've had more and more people come out of their houses over the week.

"I think it's a bleak time for a lot of people.

"Ultimately distance dancing can't change that, but it seems to have uplifted people a bit!"

Lockdown wedding

School sweethearts Ben Jackson and Sophie Austin couldn’t walk down the aisle as they imagined on March 28, as the coronavirus crisis has led to the cancellations of weddings up and down the country.

But the minor hiccup didn’t stop them from tying the knot.

Instead they gathered all their friends and family and had the ceremony over Zoom video chat.

The couple said their vows and declared their love for each other in their living room before sharing some cake.

They were eagerly watched by up to 300 people over the internet, all safely socially distancing in their homes.

The couple tied the knot in front of their family and friends on Zoom. Credit: Ben Jackson/Sophie Austin

Miss Austin, 26, (soon-to-be Mrs Jackson) said: “It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing.

“I think it really drew back the sparkliness and extra stuff of a wedding and made it really obvious what was important: the two of us saying the vows to each other.

“Even though we didn't have everyone here it made it more intimate and special.”

Around 300 people watched the ceremony. Credit: Ben Jackson/Sophie Austin

Thank you messages for waste collection crews

Personal messages have been left for waste collection crews in Cardiff to say thank you for their work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the outbreak began, waste collection crews are continuing to collect bins to ensure there isn't a build-up on the streets.

Now parents and children in Pentyrch, Radyr, Fairwater and Creigiau have been attaching morale-boosting pictures and messages to their green recycling bags and wheeled bins.

Thank you notes have raised a smile on the faces of the crews in Wales, who continue to do the essential work of collecting rubbish as the outbreak continues.

Thank you notes were left on recycling bags and wheelie bins.

Rick Astley free concert

Risk Astley has announced he will be holding a free concert to say thank you for NHS frontline staff, care workers and emergency service staff.

The pop legend will perform at Manchester Arena in October and tickets will be available for all NHS workers.

Astley said: “Our NHS and emergency services are amazing. This concert is a thank you to all those fantastic frontline staff.

"I promise my band and I will give it everything to give you a great night out.”

He did say he was never going to let us down...

Rick Astley will be holding a free concert for NHS workers. Credit: PA

Doctor’s rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now

A doctor lifted the mood inside a hospital in Italy when playing a piano rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now at the end of a shift battling coronavirus.

Christian Mongiard, who works in the high-intensity medicine unit at Circolo di Varese Hospital, spotted the piano and performed an impromptu song to an isolated waiting room while still wearing his protective mask and scrubs.

“This excellent doctor could not have chosen a better song,” said Dr Gianni Bonelli, the general manager of the hospital.

“It may seem like nothing, but it is everything. It is the spirit you need, the tension that is released, the encouragement you need.”

Driveway marathon

A man from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland has run a marathon in his driveway while pushing a wheelbarrow to raise money for the NHS.

Keith Clarke raised £1,700 overnight before starting his 416 laps on Monday morning which took him some five-and-a-half hours to complete.

Keith said: “I saw a few people on social media doing a few runs in their garden and I know we’re not allowed out of our homes so I thought, I’ve a bit of a driveway here and I’ve done a few challenges, so I thought now is a good time as any.

“It shows you don’t have to go far to raise money. You just have to get your head right, that’s all you need to do. You will quickly clock up a few miles.

“I want to try and help the NHS as much as we can.”

Keith Clarke completed 415 laps of his driveway - equivalent to running a marathon. Credit: PA

Squirrel picnic tables

Yes, you heard that right, self-isolation can lead people to do some strange things, like make a picnic table for the wildlife that visits your garden.

Though, the squirrel does seems quite content nibbling on some treats while perched on the picnic table.