Coronavirus survivor, 25, says illness was ‘the most horrendous experience’ of his life

A 25-year-old survivor of coronavirus has told ITV News that it was “the most horrendous experience" he had in his entire life.

Calum Wishart had no underlying conditions when he tested positive for the virus.

He said he once thought the virus was “a bit of flu” that would give him “two weeks off work.”

After he contracted the virus he realised: “It’s not that at all, it’s not flu. It’s so much worse than that.”

Calum developed symptoms of the virus two weeks ago.

He said: “I felt a little bit of a temperature but nothing out of the ordinary, but then on the Friday I basically had that temperature all day and it was quite bad at that point.

"The next few days after that is when the virus really progressed, and the symptoms really got worse.”

Calum is now at home recovering from the virus. Credit: Calum Wishart

After suffering from the virus for a week, he believed he was improving.

But then on Thursday last week “everything just took a really bad turn for the possible worst.

“I had real difficulty breathing, to the point where we had to phone the ambulance.

“The paramedics came out and assessed me.

“They took me to the hospital and then it was at that point, obviously I had all the tests done and everything, it was confirmed it was coronavirus."

Calum was hospitalised after his symptoms worsened. Credit: Calum Wishart

Calum is active and has no underlying conditions.

He said: “Don’t think if you’re young and healthy that you won’t get it, or if you do get it it’s just going to be a bit of flu.

“I thought that beforehand, now that I’ve had it I can tell you it’s not that at all.

Callum was hospitalised but was recording the video diary from home where he is confined to his bedroom.

He added: “It was so much of a struggle for me that there were times I didn’t know I would make it myself.

“I don’t know how someone elderly or vulnerable would cope so it’s really important that we do stay indoors.”

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