Coronavirus pandemic: There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel in Europe

So there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel amid the coronavirus pandemic, and for once it doesn’t appear to be an oncoming train.

Numbers of deaths are apparently falling almost everywhere across Europe, as are the number of new infections, and in many cases the numbers being admitted to intensive care.

There is even talk, now, in Austria and Denmark of taking the first tentative steps towards lifting the lockdown.

There is a danger of what they call the "weekend effect" - less data being reported and collected, but Monday’s figures do reflect a trend dating back to before the weekend, so fingers crossed.

Undertakers carry a coffin during the coronavirus outbreak at the Carabanchel cemetery in Madrid. Credit: AP


Spain has seen its lowest daily death total for almost two weeks at 637, completing five consecutive days of falling figures.

It is a massive relief to a health system that was beginning to look seriously overwhelmed.


Italy is the one major country where the numbers dying in the last 24 hours have risen slightly, to 636.

However the numbers of new infection have fallen significantly to 3,599 and the number being treated in intensive care units is also down, so there is hope that fatalities from Covid-19 might soon resume their downward trend there.

A worker sanitises streets near San Marco, in Venice. Credit: AP


France has seen big declines in the numbers of admissions to intensive care units, although there are still concerns about how bad things have been in the nation’s care homes, data from which has not been included in the national statistics.

Almost as an afterthought, it has been announced that the economic downturn in France will be the most severe since World War II.


Germany has seen 92 new deaths, the lowest in a week. If the virus has peaked in Germany, it will have done so at a lower level than in almost any major country, and will be taken as triumph for its policy of mass testing.

But a big if.

Police officers block the road to the skying resort Saalbach Hinterglemm. Credit: AP


Belgium’s hospitals are now seeing more coronavirus patients being discharged than admitted.


Netherlands' rate both of death and new infections continue to fall.

101 died in the last 24 hours.


Austria is now so encouraged by the progress that has been made that its Government is talking about relaxing the lockdown rules.

Some shops and other businesses may be allowed to reopen as early as next week.


Denmark too is moving in that direction, with the proviso that and loosening will depend on people continuing to observe social distancing rules.

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