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Doc Martin screenwriter wrote 'goodbye letters' to his children during coronavirus battle

The Doc Martin creator says there was a moment he thought he was 'staring at the abyss'.

Doc Martin writer Dominic Minghella says he was at the point of writing "goodbye letters" to his two children as he feared for his life during his coronavirus health scare.

Minghella told ITV News "there was a rather chilling moment" when he thought he might be "staring at the abyss" during his battle with the virus.

Mr Minghella said he would not wish such a moment on his worst enemy.

The father-of-two was being treated for the virus in hospital and said doctors had reached the point when they were unable to "comfort" him with regards to his medical outcome.

Mr Minghella said: "I thought 'I've got to use what energy I've got' to write to my 11-year-old and my 15-year-old and that would be as much as I can achieve to say some kind of goodbye".

The television creator said he had initially "tried to deny" certain symptoms of Covid-19, in the hope he had not contracted the virus and "would live".

Having initially only experienced "really mild" signs of the virus, Mr Minghella was then "rushed to" hospital for treatment.

The screenwriter urged those who are experiencing symptoms not to "bury" their symptoms and consult NHS guidelines and take the necessary measures.

Having returned home after being discharged from hospital, Mr Minghella thanked NHS staff who had helped him and described medics as "heroes".

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