How Honor Blackman's Goldfinger role was one of the 'most memorable Bond characters'

It of course seems rather extraordinary by today’s standards, that the James Bond franchise would feature a character called Pussy Galore, and that the actress who played her was required to say “My Name is Pussy Galore” so that Sean Connery’s James Bond could reply "I must be dreaming".

But in that rich deep voice Honor Blackman threw herself into the role, and made that character, from 1964’s Goldfinger, one of the most memorable ever created by the filmmakers.

Aged 38 at the time, Blackman remains one of the oldest "Bond girls" in the series.

By the time 50 year old Monica Bellucci come along in 2015's Spectre, of course, it was no longer deemed acceptable to use the phrase Bond Girl to describe the women chosen to star opposite the Bond actor.

But Goldfinger was of a time, and the fact that it shows repeatedly on TV and is rated one of the most popular Bond films ever made, is testament to the cast and in no small way, to Blackman’s inimitable role in the film.

She had already been acting for 20 years before she got the call to join the 007 series. Her role in the TV show The Avengers had made her a household name.

She played crimefighter Cathy Gale from 1962, her leather catsuits, her intelligence and martial arts skills, creating an iconic character admired by women at the time, as a strong role model, a woman who could take care of herself.

Honor Blackman has died at the age of 94. Credit: PA

It was her skill at judo that helped her secure the role of Pussy Galore.

Also known for her part as the Goddess Hera in the wonderful 1963 fantasy film of Jason and the Argonauts and later for playing Laura West, a glamorous mother living with her daughter in the 1990s TV sitcom The Upper Hand, Honor Blackman, brought class and elegance to all her roles.

But of course, it's as that Bond girl with the outrageous name, that she will always be remembered.

And after five decades, we may grimace at the name, but never at the strong actress who played her with a knowing glint, and who seemed to enjoy every minute of creating a film character regarded by many fans, as the ultimate Bond girl.