Coronavirus-related deaths up by 786 to 6,159 in UK

A total of 6,159 patients have died in hospital in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus.

The latest Department of Health (DoH) figures cover cases up to 5pm on Monday and mark an increase of 786 from 5,373 the day before.

In addition, the DoH said that, as of 9am on Tuesday, 213,181 people have been tested, of which 55,242 tested positive.

Overall, 266,694 tests have been concluded, with 14,006 tests carried out on Monday.

The daily figure for the number of people tested on Monday excludes data from Manchester and Leeds because of a “data processing delay”, while the overall tests figure excludes Northern Ireland, the Department of Health added.

The total number of people in the UK tested for coronavirus since the outbreak began – 213,181, as of 9am on April 7 – is the equivalent of around 320 people in every 100,000, or 0.3% of the population.

The number cannot be compared with the equivalent total from yesterday because the figures are missing data from Manchester and Leeds due to a processing delay.

The difference between the number of new deaths announced today by the Department of Health – 786 – and the combined total of new deaths announced today by health authorities in the four nations of the UK – 854 – is due to the difference in how and when the data is collected and reported.

Neither of these figures is an accurate measure of how many deaths have occurred in the UK since yesterday.

For example, one of the deaths announced today by NHS England took place nearly three weeks ago on March 19.

The death toll figure released by DoH is not a daily figure, ITV News Science Editor explains, a more useful chart is the number of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus.

Even though the numbers are high - 4,000 people going into hospital every day - the numbers are not accelerating.

The chief medical officer Chris Whitty said the numbers are going at a flat rate - an indication the social distancing measures could be paying off, but it's a bit early to be certain.

The new figures come as Boris Johnson remains in intensive care at St Thomas' Hospital in London, after his condition worsened on Monday night.

The prime minister is "stable" and in "good spirits" after receiving oxygen treatment, his official spokesman said on Tuesday.

While in the ICU, Mr Johnson was tested for pneumonia but later given the all clear, contrary to rumours on social media.

Mr Johnson was originally admitted to St Thomas' on Sunday on the advice of his doctor after continuing to display symptoms of cough and high temperature ten days after testing positive for the virus.

Boris Johnson is receiving treatment at St Thomas' Hospital. Credit: PA