Dame Vera Lynn recorded the song when the only streamers people knew about, were the ones that flew with bunting at times of celebration.

But, following the Queen’s address this weekend, Dame Vera’s classic 'We’ll Meet Again' has reported a 209% rise in streams on Spotify and shot up hundreds of places on the iTunes chart to 22, vying with the likes of Dua Lipa.

The English singer recorded the song in 1942, and her daughter Virginia said her mother found it very funny she was back in the charts, adding: “I think she said Good Heavens!”

During the Queen’s televised address to the nation on Sunday, in response to the coronavirus crisis, the monarch referenced the song’s famous lyric, saying “We will meet again."

Dame Vera with the Queen at the World War II 60th Anniversary Service in 2005. Credit: PA

With so many separated due to isolation, the resonance of Dame Vera’s song resulted in many seeking it out, to download or play.

Virginia and her mother, who is now 103, were among the 24 million who watched the address.

Dame Vera thought it was really wonderful, and loved the fact the Queen's speech ended with the words of her song, Virginia told ITV News.

In a statement, the Forces Sweetheart said: "The words of 'We’ll Meet Again' are just as important now as they were then and always will be.

"People are going to be apart in all sorts of situations and need to know, as we said before, that they will be together again."