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Uxbridge constituents tell ITV News their fears for Boris Johnson as he battles coronavirus

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent John Ray

Nowhere and no-one is immune to coronavirus, particularly not Uxbridge where police are enforcing the lockdown - and not their local MP Boris Johnson, who happens to be Prime Minister.

In the slow queue of the supermarket there is plenty of time to mull over implications for Mr Johnson and the nation.

One resident said: "It doesn't matter who you are does it? I mean he's the Prime Minister and he's now in intensive care so it's really sad.

Another added: "It's obviously quite worrying. It's the sort of time when your country really needs a strong kind of figurehead to be leading."

There are many in this sombre procession who already know what it means to be personally affected by the virus.

Pensioner, James Bruce, tells ITV News Correspondent John Ray that Boris Johnson is "a good man and I pray that he pulls out."

Mr Bruce's wife is a nurse on the front line, his son is recovering from heart surgery but even he thinks the coronavirus suddenly more urgent.

"We're very sad, we're very, very disturbed and at my age, he gives me confidence and hope, now it's scary."

Boris Johnson winning his Uxbridge seat in 2019 and Labour's Ali Milani. Credit: PA/ITV News

The world has changed utterly since this constituency was the scene of his greatest triumph in December 2019 - the Labour candidate he defeated back then lost his father to the virus last month.

Ali Milani told ITV News: "My hopeful wish is that the Prime Minister does recover but more than that he takes this experience, having experienced the very best care from doctors and nurses, in the ICU back to Number 10."