Breakdown by country as coronavirus situation in Europe still 'very concerning'

Another difficult day in Spain, where the numbers of coronavirus deaths and new infections remain high, although well off their peaks.

The trend continues downwards in Italy despite an increase in new infections today over yesterday.

And news that the French figures have been excluding a worryingly large number of deaths in nursing homes.

The World Health Organisation has put a bit of a damper on hopes for an early easing of the lockdown in Europe, saying the situation across the continent is still “very concerning”, making it too early to consider relaxing restrictions.


There are still concerns in Spain. Credit: AP

757 dead is still a horribly high figure, but while very slightly higher than yesterday, it is well off the peak of last week of 950 dead in a single 24 hour period.

The country may be about to take a leaf out of the Chinese and South Korean playbooks and begin isolating people who test positive for the virus even if they have no symptoms.

Not just isolating them at home either, but away from their families in unused hotels or other facilities.

The big difference from China, though, is that the plan at the moment is for any such isolation to be voluntary.


France has seen a big jump in total deaths. Credit: AP
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The country has seen a big jump in total deaths, now in excess of 10,000, as new figures are reported from nursing homes.

In total, 3,237 have died in care facilities around France, many not initially included in the daily figures from hospitals.

The French nuclear powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is returning early to port in Toulon after 40 cases of coronavirus were reported on board.

There are reports that President Macron may address the nation tomorrow evening, presumably to announce that the current lockdown will not be ending next week as initially envisaged.


Italy has seen a fall in deaths. Credit: AP

Italy has seen deaths fall to 542 in the last 24 hours, the lowest for almost 3 weeks, although new infections have rebounded somewhat, up 800 on yesterday to 3,836 in 24 hours.

Neither the line of the graph shooting upwards, nor the present one edging down, were ever going to plot a consistent course.

It’s the trend that counts.EU finance minister met (by video) for 16 hours yesterday evening and long into the night trying to get a post Covid-19 recovery package underway.

They failed, though it seems not by much.

On the two extremes stood Italy and the Netherlands, the former demanding the whole EU take a share of the burden of borrowing that is going to be needed to fund the recovery, the latter having led the resistance to pan-European action.

The European Central Bank estimates that the sums they’re talking about could be as high as €1.5 trillion.

Yes, trillion. So that’s serious money.

They will try again tomorrow.

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