NHS Heroes: Teamwork helping NHS workers through Covid-19 crisis amid heartbreak

As the nation pulls together, so does the NHS.

From around the service, people are taking on different job roles to their usual ones in a bid to help the country defeat the coronavirus.

Melanie Tan, an anesthetist, has been drafted in to help with the fight against against the virus, she says there is team spirit not seen before.

Speaking to ITV News, she said: "Day to day, our job is to now support the intensive care doctors, because anesthetists actually have a lot of transferable skills.

"We know how to ventilate patients so they are using the anesthetists to support intensive care doctors in the ventilation for Covid patients."

Dr Tan has been redrafted within the NHS to help fight Covid-19. Credit: Melanie Tan

"What he been so hard has been seeing patient's families coming in, so distressed, wanting to see their family members - and yet they can't go in because their family member has got a highly infectious disease," she added.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking, we're not used to it. The intensive care doctors are absolutely phenomenal, they're using to handling them, but for us it is very, very frontline. It's just very new.

Dr Tan with her NHS team as they fight Covid-19. Credit: Melanie Tan

"Seeing the videos [of people clapping in the streets] has been so uplifting because as an NHS worker, nobody, generally, appreciates you.

"People call the ambulance service for no great reasons, they come into Accident and Emergency for small things. The fact we now feel appreciated has made a huge difference to the staff."

She continued: "The entire department has come together to do lots of different things we've needed to do. We've changed rotas, we've had people looking after wellbeing, getting food in, getting sofas in.

"The sheer volume of team work, I think, is going to be a fond memory."