Five-year-old pens heartwarming letter to elderly neighbour who is self-isolating during coronavirus pandemic

A caring five-year-old has penned a heartwarming letter, to help lift the spirits of an elderly grandad who is self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

The schoolgirl, Kiran, wanted to reach out to those who are self-isolating near her and decided to write her neighbour a letter and draw a picture of a rainbow to remind Ron he is "not alone".

Ron, who's 93-years-old, has been following the government's Covid-19 advice for over-70s by staying at his home in Wolverhampton for at least 12 weeks.

She wrote: "Hello my name is Kiran and I am five-years-old.

"I have to stay at home because of the coronavirus.

"I just want to check to see if you're ok?

Kiran added: "Please write back if you can", before signing off, "From your neighbour at Number 9."

Kiran's mum, Gurpreet Tiwana, told ITV News: "It all began when her teacher asked her to have a think about how she could reach out to somebody that’s socially isolated because of the coronavirus."

Kiran's letter to her 93-year-old neighbour. Credit: Gurpreet Tiwana/Twitter

She added: "I had a chat with her about what social isolation was and explained that some people may be feeling sad because they’re missing their friends and family, just like she does.

"After bouncing some ideas back and forth, she decided she would write a letter to our elderly neighbours just to check if they’re ok and remind them that they’re not alone and it all stemmed from there really."

Ms Tiwana told ITV News: "She sent out nine letters to elderly people across our neighbourhood and each reply she’s had back has been just as special and as heartwarming as Ron’s.

"It was lovely to see her little face light up with excitement every time she received a new letter."

She added: I really do hope Kiran’s letter has inspired others to write a rainbow letter of their own.

"This little act of kindness could provide much needed comfort and reassurance to an elderly person at a time when there is so much uncertainty."

Ron’s granddaughter, Louisa, shared a side-by-side of the pen pals' exchange on social media, describing it as "the most beautiful letter".

Louisa May, who's 22-years-old, said: "My Grandad is 93 and currently in isolation of course - but is in very good health - and he has [received] the most beautiful letter from his 5 year old neighbour and he wrote back to her.

"Just please read, it should make you smile."

Ron responded, writing: "I was so pleased to receive your message asking about my wellbeing, and I am pleased to say I am keeping well so far."

He added: "Like you, I am in isolation, so it was so nice to hear of your concern for me."

He went on to tell Kiran he was the first person to move into their neighbourhood in 1955 and has been there ever since.

Ron responded to the five-year-old's letter. Credit: Twitter

He wrote: "The situation with this coronavirus is very bad and we must all do our very best to overcome it and hopefully come out of it in good health again."

Ron also said he plans on hanging the rainbow drawing on the window for others to also enjoy.

"I thought your drawing of the rainbow was amazing and I am going to place it in my window for people to see.

"I would like to thank you again for writing to me and hope you will be able to be out of isolation soon," he signed the letter off.

The tweet has since been shared more than 25,000 times and has over 148,000 likes.