Dermatologist redeployed to the frontline of treating coronavirus says experience is 'very daunting'

A dermatologist, who is being redeployed to the frontlines to treat coronavirus, has told ITV News that it is "a very daunting experience" but that medics are uniting around "one common cause".

Dr Faraz Ali, who works at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, has been a dermatologist for around eight years and has not practiced general medicine in that time.

But, this week, he starts shifts in Covid-19 wards at the hospital.

Dr Ali said: “it is a very daunting experience and it does induce a lot of nervousness, a lot of anxiety.

“But myself, along with other doctors that I know, have all rallied together to help on the frontline, because as doctors we feel it is our duty…we are actually stepping outside of our comfort zones.

“We are all gathering together for one common cause to help the NHS and to help the doctors and the patients, who are really being affected by this pandemic."

Dr Ali has been retrained and given PPE fitting sessions.

He said: “I used to have a big beard as part of my faith as a Muslim and, for the PPE fitting session, I have had to shave this off because, ultimately, the safety of those around me, myself, and primarily the patients, are the primary concerns.

“And, of course, the beard will always grow again, and these are the sort of little sacrifices that we are making."

“But people are sacrificing a lot more on a day to day basis and we just hope we can stay safe,” he added.

Dr Ali said the public could help the fight against the virus by “following the guidance from the World Health Organisation, the NHS, and the government and staying home and ensuring that we can tackle the pandemic as effectively as possible.”

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