UK coronavirus deaths rise to 9,875 after further 917 people die

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie

A total of 9,875 patients have died in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Friday, the Department of Health said, up by 917 from 8,958 the day before.

Of the 823 new hospital deaths announced today by NHS England, 115 occurred on April 10 while 695 took place between April 1 and April 9.

The remaining 12 deaths occurred in March, with the earliest new death taking place on March 25.

NHS England releases updated figures every day showing the dates of every coronavirus-related death in hospitals in England, often including new deaths that took place several days or even weeks ago. This is because of the time it takes for deaths to be confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19, post-mortem tests to be processed, and data from the tests to be validated.

The figures published today by NHS England show that April 4 currently has the highest total for the most hospital deaths occurring in a single day – 671 – though this is likely to change in future updates.

A total of 542 people who tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland have died, a rise of 47 on Friday’s figure, according to the Scottish Government.

Meanwhile, the number of people with coronavirus who have died in a hospital setting in Northern Ireland has risen to 107, with 15 further deaths reported on Saturday.

The Department of Health said 334,974 tests have been carried out in the UK as of 9am on Saturday, including 18,091 tests on Friday.

Of the the 269,598 people tested, 78,991 have tested positive for the illness.

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