Gospel singers unite for powerful rendition of 'Amazing Grace' in aid of healthcare workers

The UK’s top gospel artists have teamed up in a bid to raise money for the country's health workers, striving to provide treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

The band is led by Lurine Cato, a MOBO award-winning singer, and from their homes the gospel singers recorded a rendition of 'Amazing Grace'.

They have dedicated the song to the 'Amazing Nurses' at the NHS and all funds raised from the new single will go towards the Cavell Nurses' Trust, which supports health workers in personal or financial hardship.

A JustGiving page, launched this weekend, is already taking donations.

“The public’s appreciation of the NHS has been phenomenal and we want to appreciate them a step further by donating to Cavell Nurses’ Trust,” Ms Cato says.

“It goes without saying that the work of the NHS staff has been crucial to fight of COVID 19.

“Nurses and other frontline staff working within hospitals, community and other places are now risking their lives to save others.

“However, they are not immune to realities of life and may become disabled, experience domestic violence, ill health or problems during older age, finding they cannot respond to the emergencies in their own lives.

"This is where Cavell Nurses’ Trust comes in to offer financial and emotional support to relieve the burden and pressure our heroes may find themselves in."

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