'Care homes catastrophe' and lockdown continuation lead front pages

The continuation of lockdown in the UK leads many of Tuesday’s papers as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said it was too soon to lift restrictions put in place to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The Times says the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK is still likely to be a week away, while lockdown is to continue for another 21 days.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Cabinet have been banned from talking about an “exit strategy” from restrictions to calm public fears and instead focus on an “unwinding” of social distancing rules.

Meanwhile, The Guardian leads with claims that the UK missed three chances to join a European Union scheme to bulk buy personal protective equipment.

Metro carries a picture of a group of people being moved on in London as Mr Raab said the country needs to “stick with lockdown”, while a similar story appears on the front of the i.

The Independent reports that ethnic minorities and young people have taken a “disproportionate hit” from the pandemic.

The Sun leads with praise for the nation, with the paper reporting that the lockdown is helping the NHS.

The Daily Mirror carries pictures of health workers who have died following the Covid-19 outbreak, with the headline “No more” as the paper calls for more personal protective equipment.

While the Daily Mail focuses on the increasing number of coronavirus outbreaks in care homes.

The Daily Express reports that Britain’s lockdown is working, but “must remain in place”.

The Financial Times carries the continuing impact of the crisis on the oil market.

And the Daily Star reports on the impact of coronavirus on beer with 50 million stale pints being thrown away.