Police issue more than 3,000 fines for breaches of coronavirus lockdown rules

Police have been issuing fines to those breaking the lockdown rules Credit: Kirsty O’Connor/PA

Police in England have issued a total of 3,203 fines over a two-and-a-half week period for alleged breaches of coronavirus lockdown laws.

Between March 27 and April 13, members of the public as old as 100 were slapped with a £60 penalty - reduced to £30 if paid within two weeks.

In Wales, 290 fines for suspected lockdown rule breakers were issued over the Easter weekend alone.

The public were repeatedly urged to stay at home over the Easter weekend during glorious weather. Credit: PA

Authorities admitted, however, that nearly 40 lockdown-related fines had been mistakenly issued to children and would be withdrawn as a result.

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen told journalists in a remote media briefing on Wednesday that the law does not allow fixed penalty notices to be issued to under-18s.

Sweeping powers granted to police forces earlier in the Covid-19 outbreak allow officers to fine - or even arrest - those ignoring stay-at-home measures.

Members of the public flouting the restrictions on movement can be fined £60, with the fine doubling after each offence.

Lockdown rules have seen police monitoring public spaces. Credit: PA

A third of the more than 3,000 fines went to those aged 18-24, with a further third going to those aged 25-34.

Police added that 83 people were brought straight to court for allegedly breaking the rules.

The National Police Chiefs' Council gave a force-by-force breakdown of the number of penalty notices issued, with the highest in Lancashire where 380 were handed out.

Thames Valley Police chalked up 219, while Surrey issued 205.

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