Coronavirus survivor thanks medical staff who saved her

  • Video report ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent

Ria Lakhani was recovering from an operation in a private hospital when she tested positive for coronavirus.

She was moved to a specialist ward in an NHS hospital where she was treated for the virus.

Prior to admission, Ms Lakhani had a negative opinion of the NHS but has since had a drastic change of heart.

"When I thought of the NHS before my experience, I thought of it as a large, slow, bureaucratic organisation, getting an appointment takes a long time," Ms Lakhani told ITV News.

"That's what I used to think of, when I thought of the NHS.

"Now, when of the NHS, I think of a well-oiled machine."

The nurses who treated Ria. Credit: ITV News

Now reunited with those who saved her life, she has accepted being ill-informed of the nature of the NHS.

Speaking to the nurses who treated her for coronavirus via a video call, a tearful Ms Lakhani said: “It was a very scary time in that hospital but you all went above and beyond.

"Me, my family and all my friends, we are all so grateful for you."

She also wrote a poem for the medical staff who nursed her back, which she read out during the call.

Ms Lakhani's affection for her saviours is a further sign that coronavirus is forming strong bonds between all, as everyone is fighting together against it.

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