What is it like being a junior doctor in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

As the government repeated calls for us to stay at home and protect the NHS, one junior doctor has shown ITV News why there's no room for complacency.

Our cameras spent the day with Dr Mike Olivier at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where he is treating suspected coronavirus patients.

The 25-year-old started his career just 18 months ago and is now working on the frontline of a global pandemic.

Dr Olivier discusses with a patient the chance he could have coronavirus.

Dr Olivier told ITV News: "The challenge at the moment is we've got a full department, yet patients are still coming in.

"We need to work out how to make spaces".

He is having to tell suspected coronavirus patients everyday that they may well have the disease.

Supporting their junior colleagues is all senior staff can do during the crisis.

Farhad Islam, an A&E Consultant at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital admitted "all carers are scared.

"Every week we'll have a staff member that comes in to resus(sic) and you know that they've got Covid and we're working in that environment of knowing that staff members are under risk all over the world.

"But they're doing they're job."

Dr Olivier said the reality of the pandemic is never far from home, and staying objective helps him get on with the work at hand.

"We're seeing patients who are the same age as our parents, as our grandparents and it would be very easy to sort of equate those to people you know.

"But I think you've also got to have a certain amount of detachment and objectivity".

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