How a runner's simple 5K idea raised millions for the NHS

  • Video report by Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith

On her regular run through Edinburgh, one runner had an idea that would go on to raise millions for the NHS.

When Olivia Strong came home from her 5K run, she set up a fundraiser for the NHS Covid-19 appeal and called it Run for Heroes.

The simple idea to run five kilometres and donate £5 was at first meant to raise £5,000 – but Ms Strong has no idea how much it would take off.

“The idea initially was run 5K donate £5, nominate five people and to raise 5K,” she said.

Olivia Strong's idea took off.

“We smashed the 5K target in four days, hopefully it goes some way in helping the NHS right now because they’re the people who need it the most right now.”

Run for Heroes has raised more than £3 million and, such is the popularity of the concept, if you add up the total distance covered by everyone who has taken part, it would be reach the moon and back.

It also has celebrity endorsement.

Mo Farah has also got involved.

“Loads of celebrities have been getting behind it which is amazing, people like Ellie Goulding, John Terry to DJ Chris Moyles,” Ms Strong added.

Mo Farah has also got involved.

He said: “People are just getting involved no matter who you are, how big you are, how small you are, its just for a good cause.”

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