PPE delay dominates Monday front pages

Authorities are blamed on the front pages for healthcare workers being unable to access personal protective equipment (PPE) and for alleged bungling in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Daily Mail says the lack of PPE is a “Betrayal of our bravest”, the Daily Mirror says it is a “shambles” that a “crucial shipment” of equipment has been held up in what Metro calls the “Deadliest of delays”.

The Guardian also reports on the “anger” over insufficient equipment and says the “PM failed to attend” five important meetings on Covid-19 in the early days of the crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is resisting “easing lockdown” while his chief scientific adviser says new vaccines, including for Covid-19, are “long shots”, according to The Times.

“We need Boris!” exclaims the Daily Express, which adds that there is a “race” to get the PM back on duty this week.

The i says both Downing Street and Labour support calls for a national minute’s silence in honour of NHS staff who have died with coronavirus.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £1.2 billion “rescue fund” to help start-ups “as economic fears rise”, reports the Financial Times.

Drinkers have been dealt a “Lockdown blow” with The Sun reporting that pubs may be forced to stay shut until Christmas.

A senior police officer has warned his colleagues must prepare for a “more volatile and agitated society” when lockdown ends, according to The Independent.

The Daily Telegraph reports two thirds of children are not logging on for remote lessons, with those from lower socio-economic backgrounds most at risk of falling behind.

And the Daily Star says it is “Inzayn” that pupils are being taught Winston Churchill “was a war criminal and less important” than pop star Zayn Malik.