The defiance and anger of US anti-lockdown protesters

Many Americans are struggling with the idea of a national lockdown, even during a pandemic.

In Europe there is a broad sense that the government is your friend in a time of crisis.

Not so in America.

In this country, many fear that freedoms lost are rarely regained.

A popular slogan on many protest posters here reads: “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.”

People here are quick to remind you that the surveillance state that was created after 9/11 has barely been dismantled.

It is still startling to witness the depth of the defiance and the anger felt by anti-lockdown protesters.

We attended one rally in Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania.

Gathered here were militiamen, pro-gun activists, science sceptics, angry business owners, pro-Trump voters, bikers, Republicans, Libertarians, evangelical Christians, and working Americans who have suddenly lost their jobs.

It was basically a coalition of the frustrated, the angry, and the fearful.

These groups do not represent a majority of Americans.

But they cannot be ignored.

They have a secret weapon: an ally in the White House.

They are Trump whisperers.

Their numbers will continue to grow as the lockdown is extended and unemployment soars.

America is hurting.

And now economic pain is merging with deep-seated anti-government instincts, an erratic President, and a dangerous virus to create a whole new dynamic in this country.

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