'Adopt a granny' campaign signs up more than 70,000 volunteers during coronavirus lockdown

A campaign to help combat loneliness in care homes has signed up more than 72,000 volunteers to 'adopt a granny' amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The scheme pairs up "caring individuals" with care home residents, who then keep in touch via phone and video calls.

Launched by Surrey-based care home group Creating Happiness Daily, the campaign has enlisted people from all over the world trying to tackle loneliness during the pandemic.

Volunteer Anika Brandt joined the scheme after her own grandparents died, she "adopted" care home resident Rosie who she now speaks to regularly.

Ms Brandt said the scheme "opens up new experiences" for both people involved and allows everybody to "share" their lives.

The volunteer said she was "looking forward" to safely meeting her adopted granny in person once lockdown measures are eased.

Anika Brandt volunteers for the organisation.

Speaking to ITV News, Ms Brandt said she thinks the scheme can bring some "positive experiences" during the current pandemic.

She added that she hopes current volunteers pass on the experience to their own children in a bid to keep the campaign going.

According to the group's website, volunteers can keep in touch with their adopted grandparent by calling, sending post or emails, and sending postcards or letters.