China's strict quarantine measures leave ITV News producer confined to hotel room and unable to see family

  • Report by ITV News China Producer Christine Wei

I left Wuhan on the morning of April 15 and when I arrived in Beijing that evening I was taken directly from the train station to a hotel in the Changping district of the capital.

Because I live with my husband and son, I have to quarantine in a centralised facility, such as a hotel.

Only those who live alone are allowed to quarantine at home.

I have to stay here, in my room, until April 30.

For the first few days I didn’t mind so much staying in the room all day, we had been working really hard, so it was good to get some rest.

Christine Wei is confined to her hotel room for two weeks. Credit: ITV News

However, as this first week has gone on, I have started to get more frustrated, confined in a room which is less than 20 meters squared!

The only time I get to see another person in the flesh is when I get my food delivered, and whoever brings it is always wearing a protective suit.

Thankfully, I am allowed to get food and daily necessities delivered.

The staff at the hotel will knock on the door, telling me: "I have put your delivery in front of the door."

I have to allow them time to move away from the door before opening it to get what I have ordered.

A few days ago, my husband managed to send me my own duvet and pillow from home, so I’ve been sleeping better since I received those.

The hotel gets disinfected every night.

We don’t see it happening, but the staff send us pictures in a WeChat group.

My temperature gets checked twice a day, usually around 9.30am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon.

They knock on the door, I have to stretch out my arm, they quickly check it, and then the results are listed on a form which they will give us when we leave to prove we are healthy.

This morning I received a message from the hotel manager telling me Doctors will come to the hotel in the next few days to do a COVID19 test for those of us who are due to leave next week.

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