Drinking disinfectant as a Covid-19 cure? The White House shifts the blame to the media

The White House is in full damage control mode today.

The President's new press secretary is spending her first major moment in the spotlight saying her boss didn't recommend swallowing disinfectant.

Kayleigh McEnany - in the job for just a few weeks - is using the normal White House default, blaming the press: "President Trump has repeatedly said that Americans should consult with medical doctors regarding coronavirus treatment, a point that he emphasised again during yesterday’s briefing.

"Leave it to the media to irresponsibly take President Trump out of context."

The clear-up operation came after an appearance last night that may have won the prize for the strangest presidential commentary yet.

From the famous White House briefing room podium, Trump talked about possible Covid-19 treatments that had his medical experts in the room squirming in embarrassment.

Donald Trump promoted the potential value of using ultraviolet light "inside the body" and about injecting disinfectant into patients.

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The coordinator of the pandemic task force, Dr Deborah Birx, an eminent HIV immunologist, looked on aghast but somehow managed to stay silent.

Doctors across America are telling their patients to ignore the suggestions of the President or risk dying.

Manufacturers - needless to say - are also issuing urgent guidance that customers should not swallow their products.

Leaders around the world are rapidly distancing themselves from the President’s moment of quack-medicine.

Downing Street has confirmed that the UK is not exploring the use of ultraviolet light or disinfectant on Covid-19. And the Scottish leader issued an even clearer response.

Trump has long advocated for the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloquine as a potential cure for Covid-19. A recent small-scale trial showed it was completely ineffective.

It’s leaving many Americans shaking their heads - some in amusement, some in embarrassment, some in horror.

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