Teenage coronavirus survivor: Covid-19 feels like you're drowning

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

No one understands the impact of coronavirus greater than NHS workers, so when Lily Kitcher was clapped out of Eastbourne General Hospital into her mother's arms both knew how lucky they were.

Mum Trudi is a nurse, so has been on the frontline of the coronavirus, meaning she knew the seriousness of the situation when 17-year-old was put onto a ventilator for five days.

Lily says coronavirus left her unable to breathe and feels like you are "drowning".

Lily Kitcher was clapped out of hospital by staff. Credit: ITV News

To support her breathing, the teenager spent almost a week on a ventilator but is now back home, able to reflect on what she has been through.

"It was really scary but I always remember feeling safe - the nurses and the doctors were amazing," Lily told ITV News.

"It was really strange not being able to see their faces."

Trudi was unable to see her daughter due to coronavirus, leaving her at the entrance to accident and emergency at the hospital.

"I got as far in the ambulance with her to A&E but, unfortunately, the ambulance driver said I couldn't go any further. I was the one in bits, not Lily," Trudi says.

Now Lily is left to look forward and prepare for a return to college when the lockdown ends but she will always be grateful to those who saved her life.

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