What to expect from Boris Johnson's coronavirus address

Boris Johnson will address the nation on Sunday evening with an update on the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

The Prime Minister only speaks for England, as health is devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here are the things we've already been told to expect from the Prime Minister:

A New Slogan

The Prime Minister has already tweeted this; "Stay Alert" replaces "Stay Home". The messaging is a bit more nuanced and therefore less clear. There is already some debate about whether the public can follow this or whether it is confusing.

A Covid Alert System

A bit like the terror alert system this will grade the threat from one to five (with five being the most dangerous) depending on the rate of reproduction, the number of infections and the amount of social interaction. It may in time be used to respond differently in different places. Boris Johnson is expected to say that we are currently at Level Four but moving down towards Three.

Boris Johnson will be speaking at 7pm on Sunday. Credit: PA

Garden Centres

These will be allowed to reopen from Wednesday.

Quarantine for Travellers

Anyone arriving in the UK is expected to be asked to self isolate for 14 days, unless they are a key worker or coming from Ireland (which already has this system).

People arriving the UK will need to quarantine for 14 days. Credit: PA

Here are the things we will be looking out for:


Will any of them reopen? If so how and when? Unless they do it will be difficult to start the economy moving again. The Observer says roads around schools will be closed at drop off and pick up times to allow for social distancing.


The Welsh Government has dropped the 'once a day' restriction and - at the time of writing - the Scottish are thinking about it. It wouldn't be surprising if England did the same.

Libraries and other public amenities

Again the Welsh Government have started planning for some reopening, but the Scottish and Northern Irish have not.

Face Masks

The Prime Minister has said in the past that face masks may play a role on the way out of lock down.

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