Man behind The Masked Singer is now making masks for the NHS

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Lucy Watson

The man behind the masks on ITV’s hit show The Masked Singer is applying his skills elsewhere amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tim Simpson’s 3D printer is ordinarily used to make TV props for the hit show, but now churns out life-saving face shields.

He told ITV News: “It was a terrific opportunity to actually be able to get involved with something immediately obviously helpful.

The team make around 10,000 visors a day . Credit: ITV News

“There was a palpable need for PPE.

"People around the country were screaming out that they were scared to go out to work and it was something we could do to create visors.”

There are more than 8,000 volunteers working as part of the team at 3Dcrowduk - in different parts of the country - supplying hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries.

The group produces 10,000 visors a day.

The PPE is distributed to hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries. Credit: ITV News

Sarah Mead, at 3Dcrowduk, said: “What's incredible about this is how humbling it's been.

“Being part of this massive group of people who are doing this all for free.....this is just something so much bigger, and so much more important than what we do on a daily basis.”

Gone are the stage and the spotlights for now, as this community of creators serves a very different and very grateful audience instead.