UK coronavirus death toll increases to 32,692 after 627 more deaths confirmed

The latest figures from the Department of Health show a total of 32,692 people had died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Monday, up by 627 from 32,065 the day before.

The increase is a big jump from those deaths announced at the same time on Monday, when it was confirmed a further 210 people had died.

But the number of deaths involving Covid-19 that have been registered across the UK currently stands at 38,355.

This includes 35,044 deaths that occurred in England and Wales up to May 1 (and which had been registered up to May 9), according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Tuesday’s figures from NHS England show a further 1,942 hospital patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 died between May 2 and May 11 – which, together with the total figure of 38,355 registered deaths – suggests the overall death toll for the UK is just over 40,000.

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NHS England has announced 350 new deaths of people who tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals in England to 23,709.

Of the 350 new deaths announced on Tuesday:

  • 44 occurred on May 11

  • 90 occurred on May 10

  • 44 occurred on May 9

The figures also show 92 of the new deaths took place between May 1 and May 8, 76 took place in April, while the remaining four deaths occurred in March, with the earliest new death taking place on March 17.

NHS England releases updated figures each day showing the dates of every coronavirus-related death in hospitals in England, often including previously uncounted deaths that took place several days or even weeks ago. This is because of the time it takes for deaths to be confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19, for post-mortem examinations to be processed and for data from the tests to be validated.

The figures published on Tuesday by NHS England show April 8 continues to have the highest number for the most hospital deaths occurring on a single day, with a current total of 887.

A total of 1,912 patients have died in Scotland after testing positive for coronavirus, up by 50 from 1,862 on Monday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s daily coronavirus briefing in Edinburgh, she announced 13,763 people in Scotland have now tested positive for the virus, a rise of 136 from 13,627 the day before.

As of last night 1,618 patients were in hospital with confirmed or suspected Covid-19, up 165 from 1,453 the previous day, Ms Sturgeon added, of which 81 are in intensive care, a rise of one.

However, she stressed the rise in cases is through patients suspected to have the virus, with confirmed cases down 14 in 24 hours to 1,131.

The rise in suspected cases in hospitals is being looked into, Ms Sturgeon added, as she cautioned against any “undue concern”.

Public Health Wales said a total of 1,132 people have died after testing positive for coronavirus, an increase of 16 on Monday’s figures.

A further 105 people have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of positive cases in Wales to 11,573.

In Northern Ireland there have been a further nine deaths of patients who tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of fatalities in the region to 447, the department of health said.

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