Actors flying into UK for work could face health checks and a period of quarantine

Actors flying into the UK to make films and TV shows could face health checks and a period of quarantine, under draft plans released.

The British Film Commission (BFC) has drafted the new safety protocols for the industry to maintain safe social distancing measures when scripted productions are eventually able to following the coronavirus crisis.

The Film And TV Production Codes Of Practice will be presented to the government as a vision of how the TV and film industry can get back into action once lockdown measures are eased further.

ITV News has been practicing social distancing in its filming during the outbreak. Credit: ITV News

Among the proposals is an increased use of CGI and special effects to give the illusion of actors being closer than they are, as well as to replace extras in crowd scenes.

Adrian Wootton OBE, CEO of Film London and the BFC, said the measures are part of "the magic of the movies and the entertainment business".

He told ITV News: "We have all kinds of ingenious ways of being able to change things or stage things".

  • Adrian Wootton on how the measures can be achieved:

Among the other proposed changes are locking down sets when not in use, some actors doing their own hair and makeup, and limiting the handling of props to as few people as possible.

The locations of filming could change too, with chosen locations being a "sufficient size to allow for social distancing".

Mr Wootton said the new protocols were key to getting the industry - and those who work in it - back to work "safely".

The plans come as it was announced ITV soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale are in the "final stages" of plans for a return to production.

Filming of the soaps had been paused since March because of the pandemic.

A spokesperson for the programmes said: "We are in the final stages of working with others across the industry on a return to production protocol and we are in active discussions with Government on this."

She added that the "health and wellbeing of our people and those who work with us has always been our highest priority and remains so as we look to restart production".

After filming for the soaps was paused, ITV reduced the amount of episodes being aired each week to three in an effort to make the content they had already filmed last longer.