Public urged not to travel to beauty spots ahead of sunny weekend

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

People in England are being urged not to travel for long distances to enjoy beauty spots this weekend.

The advice comes ahead of the first weekend after lockdown restrictions were slightly eased.

Sunny, warm weather has been forecast for parts of the country, but many organisations are asking the public not to visit tourist attractions if the trip involves a long drive.

Earlier this week, lockdown limits in England were relaxed to allow travel to beauty spots.

Despite this, a Twitter video from Weston-super-mare's tourist board warned: "We know you 'can' come to Weston (technically), but we're still asking you not to."

Likewise, Cumbria Police has urged people not to "rush to the Lake District".

On their website, Visit Cornwall has asked that its tourist spots are not visited unless the round trip takes 90 minutes or less by car.

Rother District Council has also asked the public not to take long journeys.

The East Sussex authority warned that visits to local beaches "will risk a second spike of the virus".

While the English have been warned about venturing too far, some Australians have been enjoying their first pint back at the pub.

Drinkers in the Northern Territory celebrated as theirs became the first jurisdiction to open pubs, cafes and gyms.

Australia is following a three-step plan out of social distancing measures, but each state and territory is moving at their own pace.

The sparsely populated Northern Territory, which has had fewer than 30 COVID-19 cases and no deaths among its 250,000 residents, was the first to fully reopen bars and pubs.

However, restrictions include a two-hour time limit for patrons who must be seated at spaced-out tables.

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