Coronavirus: Italy to allow international travel from June 3

Italy will allow international travel in and out of the country from June 3 as part of its easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

A decree signed by prime minister Giuseppe Conte early on Saturday morning will also allow people to move freely within the region they live as of Monday.

Italy imposed a nationwide lockdown after it became the first country outside Asia with a major outbreak of coronavirus.

More than 31,000 people have died, leaving Italy with the highest death toll after the United States and the UK.

But the government led by Premier Giuseppe Conte has gradually reopened the country as the rates of infections and deaths have fallen.

Social distancing measures will remain in place as various sectors of the Italian economy begin to reopen.

From May 18, places of worship will be allowed to reopen with social distancing measures in place. Credit: AP

Factories and parks reopened on May 4 but schools remain closed and crowds are not permitted.

Shops are restaurants are due to reopen from May 18 providing that social distancing is enforced.

People will be allowed to attend Mass in churches with some restrictions on May 18 but worshippers must wear face masks socially distance. Other religious ceremonies will also be allowed to take place.

All travel restrictions will then be eased from June 3.

The easing of lockdown restrictions provide a glimmer of hope for British holidaymakers who are in limbo about whether they can make plans for foreign holidays this summer.

The British Government has been urging Britons not to make plans as lockdown restrictions and travel warnings remain in place.

The advice from the Government is currently to only travel abroad if essential.

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